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Consumer customization

WeBuildhomes Ontwikkeling B.V. was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 based on the profound vision that residential development and construction requires a fundamental alteration as much as a stronger innovative approach. WeBuildhomes achieves affordability, design and durability whilst offering customers a full choice of over 100 designs of different architects to be able to choose their ideal home.

To achieve these goals WeBuildhomes sets out a basic redefinition of the design and construction processes. By utilizing the latest digital process management combined with prefab manufacturing, high efficiency in the processes is ensured. The projects has been delivered throughout The Netherlands in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Aalsmeer and Enschede.

WeBuildhomes was the winner of the future of housing competition issued by the national Dutch development association (NEPROM) and the association for Dutch architects (BNA) and was mentioned as ‘the game changer in the house building industry’ in the book ‘future of the professions’ by Richard Susskind published by the Oxford University press (2015). 

Video: Concept animation WeBuildhomes.