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Placemaking (Re)developments

Red Concepts’ roots as a placemaking (re)developer go back to 2002. The company is renowned for its developments, including the award-winning and well known MTV Headquarters and NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam North, the Triple-O Campus in Breda and the Azerion Campus in Helsinki.

Red Concepts occasionally operates as a delegated (re)developer. In particular when the scope of a project requires unique expertise and outside-the-box thinking; so when we can demonstrate our unique skill sets.

To make sure we address all our client’s interests and manage the project effectively, we put together a tailor-made team of experienced specialists with support members who are the best match for the particular assignment. All the team members and support staff operate under the Red Concepts brand, making us your sole counterpart for the assignment. You know exactly who to approach if you have questions or issues.

Already for years the Red Concepts placemaking (re)developments have been contributing to city’s identity. In the city of Breda, The Netherlands, the development of the TripleO Campus added a creative and AV (Audio Visual) cluster to the city.

TripleO Campus offers space for 100+ medium-sized and mid-sized creative companies, including the AV-house. The AV-house is serving the AV industry with a studio and cinema.

Video: Concept animation AV-huis.

In the Dutch city of The Hague Red Concepts enhanced the identity of international center for freedom and rights by the development of the Humanity House. Besides the redevelopment of the property, Red Concepts designed the programmatic concept and organization for museum and platform. A process in close corporation with the clients being the international Red Cross and the city of The Hague.

In 2011 the Humanity House was opened by the Dutch princess Margriet in The Hague. Subsequently the Humanity House got nominated for the European Museum of the year in 2012.


Red Concepts has executed several redevelopments, where dated buildings and former brownfields have turned into vibrant areas with a renewed identity that include offices, studios, hotels, headquarters and multi-tenant buildings.

The first redevelopment of Red Concepts was Blushuis in Breda (2005), where an former fire department has been transferred into offices forming the first creative multi-tenant building in The Netherlands.

Other redevelopements of Red Concepts include the headquarter of MTV North-Europe, this former and historic carpenter workshop of NDSM harbour in Amsterdam is serving the entertainment industry since 2007.

______________________  Image: Redevelopment Timmerwerkplaats 2007 - Clients, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon including 2000m2 studios.

Image: Redevelopment Timmerwerkplaats 2007 - Clients, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon including 2000m2 studios.